I was nervous and unsure as to what to expect for the first lesson.  I just expected the first lesson would be about learning about the car, and maybe just trying first gear.

What we actually achieved was far more than that.

Apart from being told about the general controls of the car and how to use them, I was shown how to move the car off safely from a stationary position and then how to safely stop the car.

Then I learnt about how to approach a junction safely, how to undertake a left turn, and then after a few circuits of the estate mastering the technique for left turns, we moved on to emerging  left from a minor junction into a major road.

Bernie then thought that I was sufficient competent to proceed to the next topic, which was performing right turns and right emerges.

By the end of the lesson I was capable of performing both left and right turns and emerges on this nursery housing estate.

There was much more practical experience than I had expected.


Thanks to Bernie I felt more confident behind the wheel and had achieved much more than I had expected to.


Elliot Lewis   


December 2014

Driving Lessons Gatley

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