A friends recommendation made me search for Bernie’s website and have a look around.

The pass rates on the site were encouraging, the affordability of the lesson blocks was good and comforting customer reviews put me at ease.

It was enjoyable to learn a new skill, if it was a little stressful at times when I made silly errors. After all I needed to remember that it  a completely new subject for me and that the more on-road experience I had, the better I would get, and the more confident I would be with my driving ability.

Bernie’s experience and conversations made me relax and feel less apprehensive, and the quality of tuition was superb.

I think that this learning to drive exceeded my expectations becasue I felt unsure as to what the first lesson would be like, but Bernie’s reliability, informative (if at times a little stern!) tone and encouragement helped me believe in myself, made the lessons fly by and made me love driving – something I can do for the rest of my life.

I would recommend Bernie’s as he is friendly and  professional, gives you confidence in your own ability and always remains calm and patient with you.

I found his instructing methods very helpful, using differing mediums to make sure that I understood the manoeuvre or topic, from physical demonstrations to IPAD simulations, verbal advice and pictorial diagrams.

He lets you know of any mistakes that you make so you can learn from them so they are not repeated.

Feedback at the end of each 1.5 hrs lesson (a good length of time for a lesson) highlighted any areas for improvement, which I could go away and practice using the Practical Test DVD or written notes before subsequent lessons.

Thank you for everything Bernie !  

Josh W  

April 2015 



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