I found out about Bernie Price by running a Google search for a driving instructor when I moved into the area.

Bernie was local, and had evidently put a lot of time and effort into his website, which gave me confidence in how this would transfer to his instruction. 

His tone on the website was professional and no-nonsense; the hint of discipline I expected myself to need. 

Driving is as fun, liberating and rewarding an experience as your confidence permits it to be. 

Bernie is excellent at building up your confidence as a driver, making driving a delight by its own merit. 

Bernie will correct your errors, not with severity, but with good humour. 

He values equipping your with both the physical and mental skills to become an independent driver. 

He does not dictate every little thing you should do, but takes his time to assess your capability and encourages the natural development of your skill. 

Like any good teacher, he will also push you to the top end of your limit. He engages in just the right level of conversation and always has a great story to tell. 

He takes a genuine interest in you, not just as a student, but as a person, and it doesn’t take him long to come to an understanding of how you will best respond to the feedback. 

I’d 100% recommend Bernie to anybody who learns well from a little bit of tough love. 

After passing my test, I was overwhelmed at just how quickly I had developed. 

The tuition time flew by because Bernie is incredibly reliable and his lesson times were convenient for my schedule. 

After I passed my test—first time !! – Bernie even scheduled some hours to take me on the motorway. 

Overall, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been one of Bernies students. 

It is an experience I won’t forget and because his tuition was so efficient, the whole process of learning to drive has been very economical too! 

Emily Jayne Shell, Heald Green

September 2014


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