I did my research on the internet, narrowed the results down by area where lessons are provided and it became clear that I only have one sensible option.

The combination of factors, such as being a local instructor, having it all explained clearly on the website, good competitive prices, keeping pass rates up to the highest standards and having many recommendations as well.

Reminded me a lot of my father teaching me Maths at school ! I felt both maths and driving were ‘rocket science’ to me, but at the end of the day I can now drive  and count my change as well !!!   So if you feel the same, don’t be afraid, start your lessons with Bernie and you will be amazed how it will all come to together one day.

I would most certainly recommend Bernie. He teaches you to be a safe, considerate driver.  He teaches you to understand road conditions  and other drivers reactions, and not just to pass your test. He also teaches you the skills from the beginning and so you are always building up confidence as you are approaching your test.

I found Bernies teaching methods very professional. Lots of visual aids provided, including most up-to-date equipment (IPAD) used for animation apps relating to driving topics. Lessons are always planned and are based on the DSA Syllabus,  so you can trace your own progress. Feedback at the end of lessons to highlight progress or identify weaknesses that need to be addressed in subsequent lessons.

Superb administration skills and very well organised.

Thank you for everything. 

You will be the voice in my head guiding me during my drives. 

Irina Dyko , Didsbury


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